Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Science Blog

Science Blog Week 9/10
Today at Science I created a balloon powered car. The day before Science, I couldn't get organized so I didn't use my plan to organize and get something else.

My struggle is the tires because it doesn't roll that much because it is made of rubber. My other struggles is that my balloon doesn't stick on the car because I can't use the hot glue gun on it or it will melt.

The force I used was push. When I used push, I pushed it to see if the wheels work and wish it doesn't stop on the middle of the table. That was my push.

Things that are working well is the hot glue gun because it sticks perfectly together.

My improvements I need to make is working faster because I don't have time to finish.

My next step is not make mistakes and work faster than the other Science at school.

Science blog Week 8
 What is force?
Have you ever wondered what force is?Force is not some mysterious invisible energy field that takes over the whole universe(I wish that was true.) It's actually something very simple: Push and Pull.

Push is when you push a pencil on the ground and it will roll. That's push. Is that more simple than some mysterious invisible energy field?

If you ask what's pull, this that when you're pulling your door to make it open. That's pull. Very simple.

There's more forces than push and pull. Gravity and acceleration.

Gravity is in space, when you float in space, there is no gravity. Gravity keep you on the ground and not make you fly out to space.

Acceleration is when you run very fast down a mountain, it's acceleration.

Do you know force now? If you do, never think about force is a mysterious invisible energy field that will take over the universe.( Only when you're watching Star Wars.)

A bunch( 20 )of popsicle stick
A medium sized plastic spoon (Don't get a metal spoon or it will break!!!!!)
62 rubber bands
4 cotton balls
This is how it went:
That's how it went.
When we had three cotton balls, it went longer. At the start we didn't know how to make it shoot longer until Matthew said “ Change the angle. It will go longer than 8M like this.” He changed the angle from laying to standing. It went 12.82M. He said “ Now you try.” Giving back the catapult to Finley. We now started using Matthew’s way to shoot. At last we shot 20.62M and I said “ I didn't know that this catapult can shoot this far.” I learnt that small things can do big things.

The first step was make the catapult with four ingredients.( Look on the top chart to see what it is.) Use the popsicle stick and the rubber band to make the base. Stick the spoon in the top rubber band and place the cotton balls on top of the spoon and pull the spoon back and when you let it go it will shoot. The second step is to tie the rubberband around the cotton ball to make weight and each shot you do you tie another rubber band. The last step is to estimate how it went and write how long it went. After you finish test 11, you write a chart of the length of how long your shooting went.

Monday, 3 July 2017

My Mihi

Tena koutou
Ko Mt .Fugi Taku maunga
Ko Otakaro te awa
Ko Waimairi te Kura
Ko ngati te Aotearoa
Ko Chris Taku papa
Ko Mariko Taku mama
Nō Japan ahau
Ko Jack Taku Ingua
Tena koutou tena koutou tena koutou kato

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Color of blue 
I am the color of the sky,sea, maybe your eyes.
I am the color of a butterfly, sweets and the stars.
I am a juicy delicious blueberry, a delicate rose in your back lawn waiting for the rain to drizzle.
I am the color of macarons melting in your mouth.
Mysterious as jewelry, delicate as dust.


Just too strong to tackle me
Awesome at rugby
Kitchen cooker

Super addicted to games
Hannah my sister 
Apple eater
Train lover
Fruit is awesome
Oliver’s friend 
Really bad at Ripstik
Device lover

Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Discovery Time Reflection 
Today at discovery time I did sketching with my best friend Matthew. I drew many pokemons and Pokemon quotes.
My favorite sketch was, I came in like a pokeball! I just wanted to catch em all. Quote. It was very funny. Also Pikachu and more.

My struggle was writing perfect circles. My strength was writing Pikachu because he's easy.

I achieved writing pokemons.

Next time I'll write even better circles.


Discovery time reflection 

Today at Discovery time I played Pokèmon fusion competition with Matthew, Niko, Oliver and I. I won the most.

All the games we played was who is the strongest Pokèmon. After Fiona told us we couldn't do it anymore, because we didn't ask.

The person who stood out for me was Fiona because when we couldn't do anything she gave Oliver and I some colouring in contest paper.

My struggle was finding something to do.  

My goal is work faster and ask before you do something.

all my Pokèmon all I did today 

Speech writing

Speech writing 
Do you sing the national anthem? If you don't, I think you should from now. Sup jack
 Everyone should represent their own country. Some of the  strong All blacks rugby team and other people don't sing the national anthem. They keep on doing it again and again and again etc.
Well the national anthem is important. It's your country. Some people who don't sing the national anthem maybe don't like the song or they might not want to represent their own country. Some people who don't sing might have emotions but it's more better if you sing it. A long time ago I didn't know what the english national anthem was and I got told off by my teacher. One day when I still didn't know the national I didn't sing it and at last after I had to sing it by myself in front of the class. REALLY? DID YOU HAD TO DO THAT? My friends were laughing,I was crying but that was when I was a year 3. Don't care about it. I now know my national anthem. YAY! I'm going to tell you that if you forget your national anthem, bad luck. Sing in front of the class.